We moved to Beaumont, California and one of the folks in our new neighborhood is a policeman. He gave us the story of this old house that sits about 400 yards from our front porch. He said that about 2 years before there was a body found in the house. He said it was decapitated. Wow! So we went down and looked at the place in the daytime. We think the house is from the fifties. In one of the back rooms, the carpet is real old and has a lot of dirt on it and whatnot. When standing over it, you can see a stick figure. It looks blackish and it looks like an impression of a body impressed into the very old carpet. There is one very strange fact about this impression ... THERE IS NO HEAD IMPRESSED ONTO THE CARPET!

Here are pictures of the back room floor, you decide what you see.

This is the image (???) or whatever it is in the back room. What does it look like to you?


And the enhanced version. I used Photoshop to bring out the impression in the floor. I would like to take another look sometime with a different form of photography.


And some pictures of the house itself ...

The Murder House