This is the trip we took to the St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida in February 2010. While here, we visited the old fort at St. Augustine called Castillo De San Marcos. We went on the Dark Side of the Moon” paranormal tour which took place at 9:30 PM.

Here are a couple of sounds that we recorded while on the second floor of the lighthouse keepers house. We are not sure of the first one, but it sounds male and we are unable to make it out. Sandy was completely alone there.

The second voice seems to be saying “bye” to Sandy’s question.

Here are a couple of pictures taken while We were alone just before going into the basement. One of the orbs almost looks like a face ...

DSC00100.JPG DSC00102.JPG

Here are some pictures of St. Augustine, Florida


So! Here is a great picture of paranormal hunting at its best. We were looking over the pictures we took at the lighthouse and found what looks like a full bodied apparition. What do you think? And I follow it up with an enhanced version.

DSC00093.JPG DSC00093 after.jpg

St. Augustine Lighthouse