This picture was taken at the Del Coronado in San Diego, California. The picture was taken sometime after midnight. Some folks do not believe in them being a spirit. You be the judge!


The picture on the left was taken on the first Christmas after the passing of Sandy’s son Chris. The persons pictured is Sandy’s Mom and Dad and our bulldog Hank. I took the picture and thought there was dust on the lens. I then immediately took another picture.

PC250011.JPG PC250012.JPG

Here is a collection of photos taken at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California. Looks like a future investigation needs to be done there.

P7250022.JPG P7250023.JPG

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip to the St. Augustine Lighthouse “Dark of the Night” tour. The tour started at 9 at night. We took these pictures while alone in the house that housed the lighthouse keeper. The first picture is some orbs. The second has a lot of orbs, and one of them, if zoomed, almost looks like a face. Feel free to download the picture and magnify the orb. We have never seen anything like this. The final picture is no orbs at all. All pictures taken within seconds of each other.

DSC00100.JPG DSC00102.JPG DSC00103.JPG

So here is the zoomed picture of the orb face. What do you see?

orb face.jpg

One night, we went to the local cemetery. Took some pictures and then filed them away. Recently, we decided to reexamine some of our photos because we have learned what to look for. We came up with these.

Beaumont Orb 1.jpg Beaumont Orb 2.jpg

Here is a picture from the Murder House. We did not know we had this. It seems that this house needs another investigation.

muder house orb.jpg

Throughout our investigation of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, we felt that something was following us. This was caught below the first floor in the basement.

orbs below st augustine lighthouse.jpg

Here are some orbs from the Tombstone Cemetery, not to be confused with Boothill! Boothill was the old original cemetery.

Tombstone Cemetery Orb 1.jpg Tombstone Cemetery Orb 2.jpg

And now, we come to many orbs found at the Whaley House in San Diego. It is interesting that one can “see” through a couple of the orbs. We have not seen anything like this before. Usually, any “see through” is distorted by the orb.

whaley house orb 2.jpg whaley house orb 3.jpg P7250027.JPG whaley house orb 6.jpg whaley house orb 7.jpg whaley house orb 4.jpg whaley house orb 5.jpg