During my business trip to San Diego, Ca., we stayed at the Horton Grand Hotel. This hotel was taken apart during the early part of this century and then  rebuilt in the 1980’s. We stayed next to room 309 which is supposed to be the place of many different occurrences.


Many thanks go out to Paula, Justin, Ken and Sharon who provided us with the most exquisite and comfortable room. The best staff anywhere!

We wandered the halls many times during the early hours of the morning. There seems to be two spots where the orbs seem to show up. One was the 3rd floor sitting area by the stairs that lead to the restaurant and the other is the long hallway leading away from the 3rd floor sitting area.

Here is the 3rd floor sitting area with orbs. Here also is before and after pictures. We took a LOT of pictures and only these have orbs. Dust you say? Maybe and then maybe not.

DSC00792.JPG DSC00793.JPG DSC00794.JPG

Here is the 3rd floor sitting area on another night. Here also is a before and after picture.

DSC00846.JPG DSC00847.JPG

Here is the 3rd floor long hallway. We were not sure if the orbs were leading or following.

DSC00804.JPG DSC00834.JPG

This orb was recorded on the TV in room 309, reportedly this is the room where the doors of the TV open and close themselves. Also, armoire has also been reported to have paranormal activity.


This piano is located on the 3rd floor sitting area is. When Sandy put here hands over the keyboard, I asked for a note to be played. This EVP is very faint and I recommend headphones.

Horton Grand Hotel

And here are some pictures of our visit to the Horton Grand.