We took a day trip down to San Diego for business reasons and after that we went down to Oldtown. We decided to have something to eat. So we went to the Cosmopolitan Hotel/Restaurant. The food was great and we met Luciano who is the tour guide for the old hotel part. Luciano is a very knowledgeable, very young man who knew a lot about the hotel and also the surrounding area. We learned of the family that built the hotel and some of the stories.


orb on bed before.jpg orb on bed after.jpg

We would like to go do a formal investigation if the hotel would allow us to do that.

Luciano did not know we are ghost hunters, so we were telling him stories of what we found in past investigations.

This hotel “feels” strange. We put a glass on the floor and the glass always rolled in a certain direction. Always the same in others rooms too. It turns out that the hotel is slanted in one direction and can make you feel strange. Almost like an illusion. We were taking pictures at the same time when we were in room 4 and room 11. Here are the pictures of what we found.

Here is a really interesting picture of an orb. If you look closely, you can see that the wallpaper has not moved due to the camera moving, however, the orb has moved sort of in between frames ???


Here is a before and after picture in one of the rooms. Look to the lower left. Sandy took all these pictures one after the other and is in the habit of shooting two shots at a time.

orb lower left before.jpg orb lower left after.jpg

Some pictures of the hotel and restaurant.

Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant